2017 Rules

2016 IWWF Tournament Rules (No 2017 Rules puplished)

  2017 IWWF Disabled Rules  

2017 IWWF Disabled Handbook 

2017 IWWF Disabled Handbook - Addendum

Please note the following rule change has been made to the 2017 IWWF Disabled Rules:

D.10.01 – Skiing devices

Rule T.10.03.a is replaced with:

A skiing device is defined as a piece of equipment which fully supports the weight of a skier when he is in skiing position (D.12.05). If the maximum width of a skiing device does not exceed 30 percent of its overall length for jump and slalom skis and 35 percent of the overall length for trick skis, it is defined as a ski; if its maximum width exceeds 30 percent of its overall length for jump and slalom skis, or 35 percent of the overall length for trick skis, it is defined as a board.

Rule T.10.03.b is replaced with:

Any type of bindings may be used.

Rules T.10.03.c and T.10.03.d apply.

Rules T.10.03.e applies to all skiing devices.