Outriggers are made from trick skis or short ski tips cut off a pair of regular standup doubles. The ski tips are connected by a pair of aluminum strapping. This strapping is sandwiched between the sit ski and the cage and is bent to a 15 degree angle.  The lower the angle, closer to parallel with the ski, the more stable the ski becomes.  The higher the outriggers are out of the water, the more maneuverable the ski is.



Place ¼” x 20 inserts into the tips of both skis approximately where the tip begins to curve up.  Use 1” x  ¼” aluminum strapping or nylon/plastic bar stock and through-bolt the bar into the ski tip insert.  Wrap the aluminum bar in foam for additional safety and to keep the bar from sinking in the event the connector is adjusted over water. 

A second alternative is to place  a small eye screw at the tips of both skis approximately where the tips begins to curve up.  Place a cord through a length of ¼ "-½” PVC pipe and attach the cord to both eye screws.

A third solution is to run a loop of 1” inner tube or surgical tubing through PVC pipe and stretch both ends of the loop over the ski tip.  Although this solution is temporary and may move slightly on the ski, it will allow connecting skis together without permanently altering or damaging the skis.    

For extra support, a ski tip connector may be placed on the tail of the combos.  Regardless of how the skis are attached, the connector bar(s) should be a length that will keep the skis shoulder-width apart.